Radio Procedures and Equipment

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LWR CERT Team Radio Basic Instructions
LWR CERT standard Radio procedures during activation
Team and Hub Radio FrequenciesThis lists each team's walkie-talkie radio channel, the CERT Hub radio operator they communicate with using the Incident Commander radio, and the channel the hub can be reached on using the IC radio. No telephone numbers are listed on the web version of the list. Contact your TC to get a copy with the Hub operator's telephone numbers.
Motorola MT352 Owners Manual
Operating Manual for the Motorola MT352 team member radio
Motorola Radio 3x5 Quick Reference CardDownload and print out this handy 3x5 inch reference card for setting up your Motorola MT-352 team member radio
Incident Commander (Hub Radio) Wouxun Owner Manual
Team Leader/Incident Commander and Board Member handheld radio transceiver instruction manual. These radios are used for communication between a team and CERT central Incident Command through regional communications hubs
Radio Battery Care InformationImportant instructions for charging rechargeable batteries and before storing radios. DO NOT leave batteries in any radio not being used for a significant period of time. Read this before storing your radio
Wouxun KG-UV6X Programming Reference Reference SheetTable showing how to program all the features of the CERT Ham radio operators' handheld radio transceiver
Wouxun KG-UV6X Owners ManualCERT Ham radio operators' handheld radio transceiver instruction manual. These radios are used for communication with the CERT teams to coordinate information exchange and disaster data collection
Yaesu FT-8800R Owners ManualCert Ham Radio Operators' FCC licensed radio transceiver instruction manuyal. These radios are used by FCC licensed CERT Ham Radio Operators for communication with the County Emergency Operations Center and members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) as well as other disaster response agencies
Radio Exercise 0. Message passingRadio Message Passing Exercise
Radio Exercise 1. SARRadio Procedures during Search and Rescue of a structure
Radio Exercise 2: Medical Assistance Radio Procedures toask for Medical Assistance
Radio Exercise 3: Fatality ReportingRadio Procedures to report a fatality
Hub locationsHub radio physical locations map