Why You Should Become a LWR CERT Volunteer

Membership Residency

Residents who live in the CDD areas of Lakewood Ranch are eligible for membership in LWR CERT. The CDD areas are:
- CDD1 (SRVA - Summerfield and Riverwalk)
- CDD2 & CDD5 (Country Club and Edgewater)
- CDD4 (GVBA - Greenbrook) and
- CDD6 (Country Club West)

Membership Eligibility Area

Basic Membership Training

Before becoming a volunteer, residents in LWR CDD areas must complete a 20-hour FEMA Basic Training Class.  For the convenience of our future members, this course is offered several times each year right here in Lakewood Ranch at no cost to residency-eligible members.

Fire Station Training

Basic Skills TRAINING Classes

Basic Training classes are conveniently taught in Lakewood Ranch, free of charge, for residents living in eligible CDD areas of LWR. Class size is limited to allow ample personalized attention and hands-on experience.

After completing all 20 hours of training, residents become members in LWR CERT, are provided a backpack filled with supplies, and are assigned to a neighborhood team. Residents may be permitted to make up missed sessions with Training Committee permission; enrollment preference will be given to residents who can complete all four days within a single session.  

Residents who reside outside the LWR CDD areas may attend Basic Skills Training classes on a space-available basis and are encouraged to recruit neighbors to assist them in creating a CERT program in their neighborhood.

2024 LWR CERT Basic Training Class Schedule

Interested in learning more? Click below and fill out the information request form. One of our amazing volunteer members will be in contact with you shortly to give you more information and help get you registered for the best CERT Basic Training program for you.

Frequently asked questions

Residents who live within Phase 1 of Lakewood Ranch (the neighborhoods within the CDDS – Country Club, Edgewater, Country Club West, Summerfield and Greenbrook) are eligible to become members of LWR CERT. After completing the free (and very educational!) 20-hour FEMA Basic Skills Course, eligible residents automatically become members and are assigned to a Team in their neighborhood.

Nothing!  There are no dues or fees. In fact, instead of you paying to be a member, we supply our members with a Manatee-County issued CERT ID, a handheld emergency radio, a complete LWR CERT search and rescue outfit (with gloves, an identifying vest and helmet) and a CERT backpack filled with useful first aid and search and rescue supplies which they are free to use even when they are not responding to a disaster in LWR.

Lakewood Ranch CERT membership is limited to residents within the CDD areas of LWR — the area known as Phase 1. Residents who live in the Stewardship areas of LWR (outside the CDDs) are encouraged to form their own CERT teams and may contact Manatee County for details on CERT training courses available. Click here to visit the Manatee County website.

Even though snowbirds may not be living in LWR during the majority of hurricane season, our committees and organization is busy throughout the year. We welcome all residents who live in the CDD areas of LWR to attend our Basic Skills Training and to become members. In fact, one our Board members, Rich Raymond, is a snowbird! 

NO! There is a place for everyone who lives in the CDD areas of LWR to be involved in LWR CERT. Members who are not physically able to perform search and rescue tasks can help in so many other ways such as making phone calls, organizing events. helping recruit new members, inventorying supplies, planning and conducting training, and serving as a Team Captain. Once you’re a member of LWR CERT and decide you want to volunteer, we’ll help you find your perfect spot in the organization.

LWR CERT members are encouraged to actively participate in the organization. Members are asked to attend at least two of the five member meetings each year, complete at least one skills refresher course annually, and participate in their neighborhood Team activities.

Members receive a CERT backpack stocked full of vital first aid supplies, a water pack, helmet, goggles and a radio to keep at your home.  Members also receive vital weather reports relayed from Manatee County.  Neighbors also benefit by having a trained LWR CERT member in the area who can share their knowledge and potentially serve as a lifeline, should disaster strike.