Emergencies and disasters happen.  Even in paradise.
LWR CERT can help you prepare.

LWR CERT continues our tradition of providing free hurricane preparedness educational sessions to the Lakewood Ranch, Florida community.  These sessions offer important information about extreme weather threats in the LWR area and how to best prepare your home and your family.

Be prepared. Have a plan.

Attend a FREE  Hurricane Prep session and you will:

  • Gain valuable insight into how to better prepare for a hurricane or other disaster in our area
  • Learn how to decide whether to stay or to evacuate
  • See an impressive display of disaster supplies to have on hand including portable solar chargers and durable food stocks
  • Learn how you can join your neighbors on a CERT team to assist and respond to disasters impacting your neighborhoods
  • Know where to go to find reliable, local information should a hurricane approach our area

Attend a LWR Hurricane Prep session before a hurricane is forecast for our area and find out how you can make a difference in your family’s response to hurricanes in 2022 and beyond.

Bring your curiosity and questions; there will be time for Q&A.

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Want to learn more NOW?
These videos can help you prepare.

LWR CERT has turned our popular in-person Hurricane Preparedness presentations into online videos available free on our YouTube channel or by clicking the graphic and link below

Hurricane Prep: Keep Your Home & Family Safe

Online Video
This 75-minute video focuses on preparations you need to make for the 2021 Hurricane Season. Learn why September and October have the highest probability of hurricanes for the Lakewood Ranch area plus hear which Manatee County Building Codes were in effect when your home was built and how to determine if you should stay or go when a hurricane is forecast for LWR area.

Hurricane Preparedness during the Pandemic

Online Video
Learn about extreme weather threats in Florida and what you can do to keep yourself and your family safe. We’ll cover the evacuate-or-stay decision, how to prepare if you choose to evacuate or go to a shelter and how to prepare to shelter at home. This 25-minute video focuses on preparations you need to make for the 2020 Hurricane Season amid Coronavirus concerns.