Current Readiness Condition: 5 (Awareness)

Test your LWR CERT knowledge

Each time you open this page, you will get a five question quiz on various areas of emergency preparedness. Take this test as often as you like (each time you refresh this page you will get a new/different test) to help keep you current.  Click on the return button to get back to the member section.


#1. What do you do when encountering an injured pet or animal?

#2. What type of body substance isolation (BSI) should we always wear?

#3. You are downtown and hear a loud explosion. In the distance you see heavy smoke coming from an electrical plant which was cited as a potential target for a terrorist plot. What is the first thing you should do?

#4. The Activation Manager distributes the LWR CERT Incident Response plan during which LWR CERT Readiness Condition?

During Readiness Condition 3, the Activation Manager develops and distributes the LWR CERT Incident Response Plan. The plan lists the Groups that will be activating, the Radio Codes for each activating group and the Hub Radios that will be activating.

#5. What percentage of hurricanes that make landfall in the United States hit Florida?