Current Readiness Condition: 5 (Awareness)

Test your LWR CERT knowledge

Each time you open this page, you will get a five question quiz on various areas of emergency preparedness. Take this test as often as you like (each time you refresh this page you will get a new/different test) to help keep you current.  Click on the return button to get back to the member section.


#1. When encountering a survivor who needs immediate emergency medical attention, how do you communicate?

#2. CERT members responding to an incident suspect that they have been contaminated by exposure to a chemical agent. They follow the basic self-decontamination procedures to reduce their risk of injury and limit their exposure to the chemical. What should they do next?

#3. During which phase do survivors exhibit a sense of trust that their rescuers will address their needs and that they can then put their lives together quickly?

#4. You are having a business lunch downtown when you hear a loud explosion. You follow others outside to find what caused the noise. In the distance you can see heavy smoke rising from the electrical plant, the very same electrical plant used to power your town and several major cities in the area and that you saw on the news last night cited as a potential target for a recently uncovered terrorist plot. All around you, people are speculating that the plot was successful. What should you do?

#5. What percentage of hurricanes that make landfall in the United States hit Florida?