Test your LWR CERT knowledge

Each time you open this page, you will get a five question quiz on various areas of emergency preparedness. Take this test as often as you like (each time you refresh this page you will get a new/different test) to help keep you current.  Click on the return button to get back to the member section.


#1. During the search of a room, you hear a faint cry. You find a young boy with glass hards in his leg and unable to walk. Which of the following is NOT a recommended way of moving the boy?

#2. LWR CERT Readiness Condition 3 is

#3. A friend runs over to you, a little frantic, and asks why you are not headed to the disaster site to help. After all, he says, you are a trained CERT member. How do you respond to your friend?

#4. When using a fire extinguisher, how far should you stand away from the fire?

#5. LWR CERT Readiness Condition 6 is