Project: Updating of LWR CERT Documents

All current LWR CERT documents have been uploaded to our website. To ensure these documents remain current and relevant, they need to be periodically reviewed (current review period is annually).

This project requests volunteers to select one or more LWR CERT documents that have expired and review them. For each document, a review consists of the following:

  1. Read the entire document checking for grammar, spelling and format errors
  2. Compare the information in the document to information in the LWR CERT Standard Operating Procedures Manual (also found on the website). Record any errors or inconsistencies between the two documents
  3. Ensure any references to contact information (Points of Contact names, phone numbers, etc.) are still current
  4. Ensure any references to duties and responsibilities are assigned to the proper LWR CERT committee/official
  5. Prepare an errata sheet detailing all recommended changes to the document
  6. Forward the errata sheet to the Operations Committee Manager for incorporation into the revised document
  7. When the Operations Manager has made the appropriate changes, she/he will return the draft update to you for final review

If this project interests you, click the button below and provide your contact information. A member of the Operations Committee will contact you to discuss the project further. Thank you for considering this project.