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Simulated Readiness Condition: 2 (Alert)

Exercise Hurricane Athena Update 6: April 16, 2021 5:00am

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LWR CERT “Hurricane Athena” Exercise Update

Friday, April 16, 5:00AM

The National Weather Service is tracking “Hurricane Athena” as it approaches the West Coast of Florida. It is a Category 4 Hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph traveling NW at 8 mph. NHC forecasts the hurricane to reach Manatee County around 2:00 am Saturday. It is expected to be clear of Manatee County by 6:00 am Saturday morning.
Based on the forecast information provided, plan and conduct appropriate actions in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures.

Note: These updates are provided in lieu of news and weather information that would normally be provided by NHC and local television/radio stations.  In an actual weather event, these pages will not be available. Please return to this website periodically to get updates on the status of “Hurricane Athena” and exercise Readiness Condition changes during the course of this exercise

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