Current Readiness Condition:

5 (Awareness)

Team Captain Readiness Conditions

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StageActions to Take
  • Update LWR CERT team member's recall information and availability

  • Inventory, re-stock and organize LWR CERT backpack
  • Update LWR CERT volunteer's recall information with Member Database Manager

  • Inventory, restock and organize team kit equipment

  • Perform periodic training with team
<72 hours prior to impact
  • Ensure personal safety and safety of family

    • Make "Stay" or "Evacuate" decision

  • LWR CERT will attempt to notify you of potential threat

    • Check equipment. Notify Logistics Chair of any issues

  • If evacuating, coordinate with Activation Manager to:

    • Transfer Hub radio to designated Group Leader

    • Transfer team boxes to designated Group Leader

  • LWR CERT will expect notification of your stay/leave decision within 12 hours

    • Respond to Muster Manager with your decision

    • If evacuating, notify Muster Manager of your evacuation location

  • Brief your team members

    • Disaster update

    • Remind them to ensure personal and family safety
(48 hours prior to impact)
  • By this time you should have communicated "Stay/Evacuate" decision to LWR CERT

  • If you elect to evacuate,

    • You should have evacuated by now

    • Take your LWR CERT backpack with you in case of emergency

    • Keep LWR CERT advised of your evacuation location

  • If you elect to stay

    • Obtain updated Activation Plan from Activation Manager

    • Update team members on:

      • Incident status

      • Team Composition

      • Area(s) of responsibility

      • Walkie-Talkie Channels and Privacy codes

      • Designated Assembly Point
    36 hours prior to impact
    • Group Leaders assume responsibility for their team's Alert Stage actions
    • Group Leaders assume responsibility for their team's Deployment Stage actions
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