Current Readiness Condition:

5 (Awareness)

Hub Radio Readiness Conditions

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StageActions to Take
  • Review activation procedures documents
<72 hours prior to impact
  • Ensure safety of yourself and family

  • You should make "Stay/Evacuate" decision

    • Notify Activation Manager of your Stay/Evacuate decision
(48 hours prior to impact)
  • By this time, you should have communicated "Stay/Evacuate" decision to LWR CERT

If evacuating,
  • You should have evacuated by this time

  • Take your CERT Backpack with you in case of emergency

  • Keep LWR CERT informed of your evacuation location

If Remaining in place,
  • Ensure at least one other team member knows the location of the Hub Radio

  • Charge Hub radios and ensure spare batteries are available
36 hours prior to impact
  • Perform radio checks with Group Leaders to ensure all radios are operable and properly set
  • Ensure personal safety and safety of family

When conditions are safe,
  • Turn on your radio and Hub radio

  • Establish/Maintain radio communication with all Group Leaders

  • Establish/Maintain radio communications with EOC and local emergency services

  • Monitor Group Leader Reports

  • Prioritize emergency services requests and forward to appropriate agencies
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