Current Readiness Condition:

6 (Training)

Readiness Condition 5 (Awareness)

Member Menu
  • Schedule/Approve Continuing Education Courses

  • Schedule/Approve Community Disaster Preparation Training

  • Update POC contact information with Manatee County Department of Emergency Management and Manatee County Emergency Operations Center

  • Watch for conditions that would call for LWR CERT to deploy

  • Updates LWR CERT Readiness Conditions
Activation Manager
  • Review activation procedures documents
Hub Radios
  • Review Radio procedures documents
Team Captain
  • Update LWR CERT volunteer's recall information with Member Database Manager

  • Inventory, restock and organize team equipment

  • Perform periodic training with team
Group Leader
  • Team Captains assume responsibility for their team's Awareness Stage actions
Team Members
  • Rinse out hydration pack bladder, air dry, reassemble

  • Inventory, re-stock and organize LWR CERT backpack

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