Current Readiness Condition:

5 (Awareness)

Readiness Conditions

This area is designed to provide you the information you need to keep current with what Lakewood Ranch CERT is doing in our community. Here’s a brief navigation guide:

  1. The colored bar at the top of every page on this website shows the current Lakewood Ranch CERT Readiness Condition. Click on the “Member Actions” button on the right of this bar to find out what actions are applicable to this Readiness Condition.
  2. The Member Menu on the right side of this page directs you to several information pages to inform you about Lakewood Ranch CERT operations. The “Documents” tab takes you to the current Lakewood Ranch CERT Forms, Policies, and Checklists. The “Training” tab provides qualifications and certification information as well as available training resources for Lakewood Ranch Team members. The “Equipment” tab gives information about LWR CERT’s team kits, equipment provided to team members in their CERT backpacks, and some recommendations for augmenting your personal emergency kits.
  3. The “Upcoming Events” calendar on the right highlights dates future Lakewood Ranch CERT events (both public and member-only). Click on a highlighted date for specific event information.

Please take your portal out for a spin. Let us know how we can make this resource more useful to you in preparing yourself for an emergency response.