Current Readiness Condition:

5 (Awareness)


This page contains links to the latest CDC and Health Department updates.

Click the titles below to stay informed and updated as you make preparations for your safety and the safety of your family.

If this is an emergency, dial 911.

If you are unable to dial, using your wireless phone, text “911” in the “to” line and send a message (i.e. Help). 
You will get an automatic reply of “Manatee County 9-1-1, what is the address of your emergency?”
You are now in contact with an emergency call taker.


What to do and who to contact if you suspect you have been exposed to COVID-19

Homepage. Includes updates on the latest cases along with contacts and phone numbers

Easy-to-read graphics and information from the Florida Dept. of Health

Dedicated page from Florida Dept of Health with updated stats of Florida cases and test results

What you should know, situation updates and information for specific audiences