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Welcome to the Lakewood Ranch Community Emergency Response Team

Lakewood Ranch CERT, established in 2006 under a special Department of Homeland Security and FEMA program, is a volunteer organization of neighbors who receive special training to provide search and rescue, first aid and radio communications support in response to disasters and emergencies when professional responders may not be able to reach everyone as soon as help is needed. We are part of the Manatee County, Florida disaster response system and are located in and serve the residents of Lakewood Ranch, Florida, midway between Bradenton and Sarasota on Southwest Florida's Gulf Coast.

CERT Training is Not Only for Hurricane Preparation!

As we drove east bound in Chanhassen, we approached a street on our left where a car rolled through the stop sign and struck a man on a bicycle.

A Real-Life Experience by LWR CERT-Trained Member

“My wife and I were driving through Chanhassen, MN one afternoon, when we witnessed the following:

"As we drove east bound in Chanhassen, we approached a street on our left where a car rolled through the stop sign and struck a man on a bicycle. The sound of this man’s head bouncing off the hood of the car then out into the street was startling.  We immediately stopped and I called 911 as I ran over to the man on the ground.  As I started to describe the situation to 911 the man on the bicycle, who appeared to have special needs, got up and started yelling at me not to call the police, he wanted no medical help. I had already informed the officer on the line that this person appeared to have a head injury and was in shock.  However, the officer informed me if the person insisted on no medical assistance, they’d respect his wish and she hung up." 

“The man got up and starting walking away with his bike, got 20 feet away and fainted.  I called 911 again and said, ‘Look, I’ve had training with a Community Emergency Response Team in FL.  This man is in shock and is suffering from a head injury.  He just fainted again and he’s trying to walk away again.’  “Sir, we will have an officer in route, please stay at the scene.”

Without the CERT training, I doubt I would have known how to react and if I would have been so persistent with 911. I’m not aware how this story ended, but at least we got this man medical attention.
Mel Siler, Lakewood Ranch CERT Member
The next opportunity for Lakewood Ranch Residents to participate in the “free” CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Training will begin April 16, 2015 and continue April 18, 23 and 25 at LWR Town Hall. Click Here to register or see the About CERT page for more information. Space is limited so join your neighbors and register NOW!
Disaster support provided by our CERT teams
  • Conducting house-by-house search and rescue in the neighborhoods.
  • Providing first aid and evacuating the injured.
  • Reporting the nature and severity of injuries to the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for dispatch of emergency services.
  • Assessing flooding, accessibility of neighborhood streets, gas leaks and fire and relaying this information to the County EOC for action.
  • Assisting police, fire and Emergency Medical Services when they arrive on the scene.

There are currently over 200 active and reserve CERT volunteers, organized into 28 neighborhood teams within the Lakewood Ranch community.

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Check this web site often for disaster information and preparedness resources. (See the sidebar on the right for more that is available on the web site.)
Want More Information?
Want to learn about becoming a member of Lakewood Ranch CERT? Read the Frequently Asked Questions, download a copy of our information card and newsletter (below), or Contact Us.
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October 2014 CERT course participants and instructors from East Manatee Fire Rescue (click here to read more about CERT disaster preparedness training)